Gloria's Way Memory Care is a ‘one-stop’ community center where individual(s) with early stage dementia can access a variety of services that will help them stay mentally active and socially engaged, which in turn promotes preservation of cognitive function; and where families and caregivers can access support and educational services to help them promote quality of life for their loved one.


Early stage Memory Loss

Care Partners & Families

Medical Professionals

Wellness Professionals

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Opportunities for care partners, family members and volunteers to increase their knowledge, skills and self-confidence in managing the symptoms and behaviors of the person with dementia. 

Research shows that a positive impact can be achieved when care partners feel confident and knowledgeable about caring for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer Disease.  


Educational workshops and lectures will be offered by content experts on a wide variety of topics.  In addition, physicians, nurses and/or pharmacy specialists will be invited to provide information and literature regarding various medical and pharmaceutical treatment and intervention options as well as updates on new research and clinical trials. We will also be partnering with reputable organizations in the field of Alzheimer's & other dementias, to conduct educational or support group sessions.


Support for both the Care Partner & the person living with Dementia is crucial for a healthy mind, body, & soul.  Gloria's Way will offer Dementia-friendly brain health and social intellectual stimulation programs and support groups to help prevent social isolation.


Gloria's Way will provide Off-site outdoor activities such as Cultural art programs that support museums and other cultural venues in developing ongoing programs for people with dementia and their caregivers. Also planned are on-site activities that promote both physical and emotional well being.

❏  Carefully planned activities and outings in the Cleveland area.

❏  Experienced and trusted chaperones and staff.
❏  An easy and convenient way to remain active and engaged.
❏  A compassionate group of friends who understand you and your care partner.












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Memory Care Navigation Services

Gloria's Way Memory Care Navigators  will assist in creating and implementing a personalized care plan that best suits your families needs.   

Transportation Services

Gloria's Way provides transportation to seniors who choose to continue to live independently but due to their memory loss impairment, they have given up driving.  

Our drivers provide door-to-door rides to medical appointments, beauty shops, pharmacies, banks, activity centers, or a light errand, so they can get the care they need and remain independent.

In-Home Care 

Gloria's Way connects local  program and service providers to seniors who choose to continue to live independently but due to their memory loss impairment, need an extra bit of support.


Gloria's Way refers members to screened professional and medical service providers such as, Homecare,  transportation, assisted living facilities, elder law attorneys, handymen, home contractors and more. 

All of our providers are carefully screened to make sure our members receive safe and reliable service.

How it works

Do you live in the suburbs of Cleveland?  Are you or a loved one experiencing memory loss?  If so, call us to discuss our list of services to see if Gloria's Way is right for you!

Members pay an annual membership fee, which includes access to our Memory Care Planning program, referral network, and our discounted member services.  

Follow the individualized family care plan through use of Gloria's Way programming & Community resources.

Wellness & Recreation Services

Just as important are Socialization, wellness, and  education activities  to stay active and connected.  We've got you covered, and in the comfort of your own community. 

Our programs are designed for individuals experiencing memory loss, family members and caregivers to experience together or individually.

Thousands of families caring for someone with Alzheimer's deserve access to AFFORDABLE support services. 

A $15 Dollar donation can change that. 

Gloria's Way is a 501(c)3.  All donations are tax deductible.

Welcome to Gloria's Way...

Your one-stop dementia resource for caregivers living on the East side of Cleveland.  Are you or someone you know caring for a person with memory loss?   

At Gloria's Way, we understand you can't do this alone and are here to support you and your family through this journey.   Through our 1 to 1 Memory care planning program, every family will be assigned a memory care navigator who will be your go-to person, working with you and your family to identify your immediate needs, develop plans of care, and access local services at reduced costs.  At Gloria's Way, our staff will work tirelessly to ease the burden, relieve stress, and support each of you, every step of the way

One place to go for most of your caregiving needs.

Through our memory care planning and resource and referral programs, our staff will work with you to make sure most of your caregiving needs are met.

Trusted and safe for older adults.  Our programs, referrals, and field staff have been carefully vetted. 

Affordable.   Through our partnerships with local organizations,  businesses, Gloria’s Way is able to provide support services for reduced costs to our members. 

Proven  Impact

Care consultation programs are recognized as programs that help:

Reduce Stress

Improve Quality of life for all family members

Delay nursing home placement

Decreased visits to the hospital and emergency room

Empowers clients to manage care, find simple and practical solutions to caregiving challenges.

Facilitates effective communication with family and health care workers. 

Ready to get started? 

Find out if we are servicing your area by calling or emailing us, or checking out our Find Us! page.  

Become a member by signing up online, and gain a single, trusted place for support in caring for someone with memory loss and/or accessing help in and around your home.

When you are ready to start using our services, complete your online request and we'll send you options for programs and services that meet your needs!

Schedule a free Care Consultation.

During your Care Consult, we get to know you and your familyʼs needs. We work with you to develop a personalized Care Plan. Leave us your information, and we’ll contact you.

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