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Gloria's Way is dedicated to promoting and providing community-based, family-centered care by partnering with local businesses to provide support services through use of their space, or to be trained by Gloria's Way staff to be able to identify, interact, and serve their customers with Alzheimer's or dementia through compassion and care.  


In doing this, Gloria's Way will directly assist communities in becoming more-dementia friendly; allowing individuals recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia to go where they want to go and stay where they want to stay - in their home and community!

What is an Alz friendly community?

An Alz-friendly community is a place where individuals with dementia:

  • Are able to live good lives.

  • Have the ability to live as independently as possible.

  • Continue to be part of their communities.

  • Are met with understanding.

  • Are given support where necessary.

When persons with memory loss were asked to describe an Alz friendly community they spoke of one that enabled them to:

  • Find their way around and be safe

  • Maintain their social networks so they feel they continue to belong

  • Access the local facilities that they are used to and where they are known (such as banks, shops, cafés, cinemas, and post offices)

Here in Cleveland, persons with memory loss expressed their wishes for a community that:

  • Has somewhere you can go to stimulate your mind and ask questions

  • Has friends I can just be with and people who understand

  • Offers more things I can do in the community

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