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Our Navigation Process

Licensed social workers assist in helping your family and your loved one who is experiencing memory loss with developing both a short term and long term care plan which include Financial, Legal, & Healthcare assistance. Trained navigators will assist in obtaining information and access to GW’s resources, community resources, as well as collaborate with medical and social service providers in implementing individualized action plans suited to your needs. 

Meet with our Navigator

We have an intake meeting to learn about your unique situation so we can better understand the different programs that might fit your individual needs.

Lifestyle Audit

We learn more about your current lifestyle, so we understand more about your budgetary and time constraints.


We collaborate with you to make sure our recommendations are in line with your vision.  The end result is a personalized path for a fulfilling successful life with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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During your Care Consult, we get to know you and your familyʼs needs. We work with you to develop a personalized Care Plan. Leave us your information, and we’ll contact you.

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