Our Memory Care Planning program is our signature service.  At Gloria's Way, we want to collaborate with you to create a personalized plan that is tailored to helping you and your family live a fulfilling life with memory loss.  We take great pride in getting to know every person who utilizes our services.    

What is a Memory Care Coordinator?

Gloria’s Way is staffed with community and memory care workers who have extensive knowledge about memory loss.   As licensed social workers, they understand the disease landscape but focus attention on addressing barriers to care and identifying the solutions to: 

Care Coordination: (Providing general information)

  • Keeping family and friends informed

  • Managing family and paid home care aides

  • Managing community services (paratransit, meals on wheels, etc.)

  • Daily activities

Financial: (Providing general information)

  • Financial support

  • Bill management

  • Legal planning

  • Managing medical expenses and Insurance challenges

Healthcare Management: (Providing general information)

  • Arranging appointments

  • Communication with health professionals

  • Visits with health professionals

  • Buying prescriptions and supplies

  • Managing insurance and payments

  • Researching conditions and treatments

  • Researching healthcare costs

Household Chores: (Providing general information)

  • Cleaning

  • Cooking

  • Getting / Moving / Using things

  • Laundry

  • Managing bills and savings

  • Shopping

  • Transportation to/from home

Personal Care: (Providing general information)

  • Bathing and toileting (including assistance with incontinence)

  • Dressing and grooming

  • Feeding

  • Getting in/out of bed, chair, etc.

  • Moving around the home

Social / Emotional: (Providing general information)

  • Ways to provide companionship and emotional support

  • Planning and supporting participation in social activities

  • Balancing caregiving and personal life

***provided by Atlas of Caregiving

Coordinators support recommended treatment and activity plans by helping clients to maximize their participation.  Through consistent contact, Coordinators build trusting relationships, actively respond to emergent needs and seek solutions tailored to the families interests.

Our Planning Process

Care Coordinators will assist in obtaining information and access to Gloria's Way resources, community resources, as well as collaborate with medical and social service providers in implementing individualized action plans suited to your needs. 

Meet with a Care Coordinator

We have an intake meeting to learn about your unique situation and needs.

Lifestyle Assessment

We learn more about your current lifestyle and interestes.


We collaborate with you to make an individualized care plan that suits all of your needs. 

Schedule a free Care Consultation.

During your Care Consult, we get to know you and your familyʼs needs. We work with you to develop a personalized Care Plan. Leave us your information, and we’ll contact you.

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